"In a globalized economy, profitability is not defined anymore by product prices, which are determined by consumer market, but by the competency to reduce operating costs without quality loss."

Prof. Manoel Cardoso

Solution Model of the Inline Project

Inline System is a tool for strategic support to formulate action plans that seek to obtain the continuous gain in productivity and profitability of the production process .This productivity gain should be obtained by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of production through the diagnostic capability of process losses and assess the effectiveness of predictive and corrective actions in real time.

nline System generates the memory of the industrial process knowledge acquired during their production history, enabling to endorse the efficiencies and effectiveness already achieved in the production process. Moreover, the knowledge accumulated by industrial memory subsidizes the innovative ability of company managers in order to improve their productivity goals.

Inline System uses the “Wisdom Maker " concept formed by knowledge of rules that analyze and manage real-time production performance and infer the need for corrective and preventive actions , communicates with the heads of related production areas and presents the actions required by e - mail to pagers , cell phones or computers.

The Wisdom Maker System assists the Inline system for applying the PDCA Planning, Implementation, Verification and Action of the production process.

Inline System of MAP Cardoso can integrate with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Supply Chain systems available in the market for data communication and generation of Data warehouse. In addition, the planning system can integrate with Inline simulators planning production of finite capacity.