INJET in Víqua - Competitive Advantage

Due to the strong expansion of the plastics global market, companies that exploit this segment comes daily innovating their products, and make the market more competitive each day.

Víqua Plastics Industry Inc., aiming to continue its expansion, felt the need to better utilize its injection resources, seeking alternatives that would provide a quick and efficient return. It was needed a system that would show us nimbly and online where we had production bottlenecks and their causes. We initiated a system research that would meet this need, after we test various software, we decided to purchase the module INJET and INPLANNIG with all BI capabilities.

From this acquisition we had a period of one month for the system installation and staff training, which was guided by deployment professionals from MAP and Víqua.

After a month of data collection, we had an overview of all the bottlenecks and losses of production, we could identify a waste of over 1.700h/stopped machine, for different reasons. At this time we had the first surprise, we didn’t knew that the waste of our resources were so great. Then the system gave us the reasons for the stops as: set-up, scheduled maintenance, breaks molds, lack of operator, hydraulic problems, among others.

The implementation of the system also caused a cultural shift in the team, which now control the activities in a more accurate and transparent way. Armed with information , we set up an action plan , delegate control points to several areas , such as tooling, maintenance and processes , so starting to have an on -line monitoring of these items.

After two months monitoring and plan execution, monitored by INJET, we reduced the charts of 1,090h/ stopped machines and more than 390 hours for cycles gain.

After analyzing and evaluating the results, we realized gain of more than two injection molding machines in two months of work. The INJET shows us the potential to gain more 290h/machine, reaching the mark of 94 % in productivity still in this year. We achieved a return on investment of the system in less than two months of use. With this tool Víqua continues to follow the market growth, being more competitive, ensuring high quality products with best value, thus maintaining its accelerated growth rate of over 25 % per year.

Engr. José Mauricio Toledo
Manager of Manufacturing Processes
Víqua Plastic Industry Ltd
“Innovative hydraulic solutions