Injet in Filtertek

Filtertek is pleased to highlight the Injet system as a tool that when is well used can bring many benefits to the productive process and strategic aspects of a company , because initially it was necessary to remain the competitive and differentiated company in the market in which it operates , thus resulting in the opportunity to seek solutions on the market that were to supply originally the goal proposed , it was analyzed and researched both nationally and internationally diverse solutions , where we do a selection , and the Injet system showed great adaptability for the structure of our company , another point that was very favorable was the opportunity to conduct a pilot with the system for later decision on the purchase. With the implementation of the Pilot, Filtertek was possible to determine the true efficacy of the product , because it showed us a different way to manage and administer the factory floor in a more dynamic way, for its interactive and intelligent supervisory present various reports that allow continuous actions to optimize various processes ( Setup time , cycles , machines behaviors x molds x products , production data accuracy , papers , etc. ) , the product itself does a self-marketing ,because the expectations for improvement and maximization of income that it provides , having that we are extending the implementation of the system for the rest of our machines and soon in Filtertek processes too.

Engr. Antonio Pedro Feitosa de Araujo
" Planning, Programming and Production Control” - PPCP