MAP Cardoso was born on December 9th, 1993, when its founder Prof. Dr. Sc. Manuel Cardoso was doing industrial automation consulting services in the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM). He could observe the opportunities for competitive improvements that could be obtained with the use of information technology in relation to the dynamic system of the production process of a company. The Injet system was initially designed to meet the industrial thermoplastic injection industries but derived to various types of manufacturing with cyclic machines such as machining centers, presses, assembly lines, extruders, looms and other...MAP Cardoso has consolidated its technology in the PIM industries, and then expanded to other industrial centers of the country, concentrated in the south and southeast. Is currently used in various industrial segments across the country, as in the auto parts industry, food , entertainment, electronics , household appliance in general, textiles and others. Furthermore, the Injet system has been exported to China, Europe and Argentina. To the founder, there was always a concern with the use of technology focused on the issue of social inclusion, and it was with great satisfaction that MAP has developed its innovative PNE module, for use of Injet System by the visually impaired.



MAP Cardoso offers a solution for Information Technology which intelligently condenses the data and information collected from the production process, to uncover and generate knowledge necessary to implement strategies and management innovations, products and more competitive production processes. Staying innovative and updated with technologies that deliver greater solution value to its customers: "The competitiveness is done by those who know best and use their productive resources" Prof. Dr. Sc. Manuel Cardoso.



The globalized economy has brought great opportunities and competitive challenges, demonstrating the growing importance in the formation and enhancement of intellectual capital invested in companies with a managed and effective application of their skills in achieving established strategic objectives. We experience a new economic world order based on knowledge (Peter Drucker) that generates technological innovations in products and processes with higher added value. In the production process, the systemic management of existing powers needs the base of information technology in contextualization and uncovering opportunities for gains and improvements in its competitive indicators. Due largely to the complexity of its behavioral model, which is defined primarily by the information relationship between their parts.

“Competitiveness is not defined by the amount of resources that you have, but by those who knows best and uses the resources that have," Prof. Dr. Sc. Manuel Cardoso.