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The CLP INOVA approved by the MAP Technology.


The CLP INOVA has been tested and approved by the MAP Technology, being approved for use as a data collector for MES IDW INJET system. Having already been installed on several clients in Brazil and abroad. Has a communication interface for wired Ethernet or embedded Wi-Fi Ethernet, low-power consume and high availability connection.


It is produced by the company Virtua and features excellent performance and robustness. Its office is the standard IP65 insulation of the internal environment with the external equipment.
With its number of outputs, can interfacing actuators, relays, load switching, as well as interfacing to luminous Andom signaling events.
With the number of inputs, a collector can monitor the operation of a machine to eight depending on the number of sensors by machines.

 Main features are:



Test System for Washing machines and Stoves

MAP Technology presents one more of its products , with a solution of machine hardware and software for washing clothes, dishes and stoves tests on job in real time , see us ,to know better .


Master's thesis on integration of MES Injet with the simulator finite capacity and ERP

Master's thesis on integration of MES Injet with the simulator and ERP finite capacity. This thesis is based on a real case of a factory of plastic injection with 80 injectors and processing capacity of 1600 tons per month. The integration of MES Injet System with the simulator finite capacity see the future and ERP BAAN4 resulted in improved capacity planning and production management, with significant results of economic gain. The thesis was supervised by Prof. PhD Eduardo Garden and co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Sc. Manuel Cardoso, CEO of MAP Cardoso. Soon we'll link that will allow access to the contents of that thesis.